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Christmas Trees Supplies Ireland – Wholesale Prices

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We offer wholesale prices for our Christmas Trees to garden centers, florists, market stalls, convenience stores, supermarkets and street traders in Dublin, Mullingar, Wicklow, Limerick, Galway and throughout Ireland. Thanks to our high levels of production reaching 18,000-20,000 Christmas trees per year, we are able to meet demand from retailers across Ireland and Northern Ireland. We guarantee freshly cut trees which will carry on looking healthy and vibrant all the way through the Christmas period.

From our Christmas trees plantations in Co. Westmeath and Co. Wicklow, we supply Christmas trees across Ireland and Northern Ireland ranging from small, medium and large household sizes, to majestic XL large trees which are destined to become the center point of hotel entrances, and shopping centers during the Christmas period.

Our price list is for netted trees at the farm gate. We can quote for transportation. We also offer the service where you can select and tag your own Christmas trees.