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Irish Christmas trees available for the wholesale Irish market 2020.

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Real Christmas Trees Ireland
Farmed in Co. Westmeath 

Our Nordmann Fir Christmas trees are non-shed. They form a lovely symmetrical, triangular shape with a soft-touch needle(great for kids) and a glossy, dark green foliage with strong tree branches. Nordmann Fir is a great choice for Christmas, and have been the market leader and most sought-after Christmas tree in both Europe and Ireland for some time. Our plantation has been maintained to best practice standards and is on prime agricultural land. The Nordmann Fir has really taken to this soil type giving a nice rich green hue to the foliage. The Christmas trees are also well-shaped trees as a result of the plantation being well spaced on flat well-drained land. The trees have also been base pruned and sheared as they have reached maturity.

Trusted Partner – High Quality Christmas Trees

From our Christmas tree plantation in Co. Westmeath, we supply Christmas trees across Ireland ranging from small, medium and large household sizes, to majestic XL large trees which are destined to become the center point of hotel entrances, and shopping centers during the Christmas period. Thanks to our high levels of production reaching 8,000-10,000 Christmas trees per year and central location Castletown – Geoghegan, Co.Westmeath, we are able to meet demand from retailers across Ireland. We guarantee freshly cut trees which will carry on looking healthy and vibrant all the way through the Christmas period.

Why You Should Deal with Us.

Given our experience in the retail of Christmas trees, we understand the pressures you are under so have tailored our service to make it as convenient as possible. We use our knowledge of growing trees, to deliver Christmas trees of exceptional quality which is proved year on year by our fantastic customer feedback. We offer wholesale prices for our Christmas Trees to garden centers, florists, market stalls, convenience stores, supermarkets and street traders in Dublin, Mullingar, Wicklow, Limerick, Galway and throughout Ireland.

  • Quality Nordmann Fir & Noble Fir Trees

  • Select & Tag your trees before purchase

  • All trees are freshly cut & netted

  • Sizes from 1.5m (5ft+) up to 2.4m (8ft+)

  • Low wholesale prices, high margin!

  • We can supply any QTY required

  • Collection time according to your needs

  • Farm easy access and central location

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